Randall L. Christensen

ScheduleWhere is a scheduling aid targeted at scheduling 10 to 100 people having various capabilities to various locations at various times where the duration of assignments is typically a few minutes to a few hours.  It can group sequences of assignments which should usually follow each other into chains, which can be assigned with one or two mouse clicks.  It keeps track of the history of assignments and preferentially suggests those assignments which have not been made for the longest time.  Outputs include a variety of print formats and email notices of assignments.

TempleScheduler is the same program intended for use at the Manti Utah Temple of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Choose the ".exe" version for use on Windows XP and 7 platforms when as much integration as possible is wanted.  Double click on the downloaded file to install.  You can use entry in the Start menu tol create an new database file on your desktop, which you can double click on to open the program from then on.

Choose the ".jar" version for most platforms for which a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) exists and you are willing to customize your interface to it.  In many cases double clicking on the downloaded file will open the program.

This software is free and may be redistributed as long as it is not sold.  It may not be reverse engineered.  It is offered with no support or warranty.

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